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October 2015


DoorStop is using a NEW light weight door core, and it has created a buzz in the commercial wood door industry. Don't be afraid to jump into the discussion! Tell us what commercial door project you’re working on, and we will tell you how "Diet" Core can solve your weighty wood door problems.


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New Animated Short Film!

August 2015

DoorStop wants you to not only hear but also see what we have to offer. Here is a short animated film that is both informative and entertaining. Enjoy!

DoorStop Website Updated!

July 2015


DoorStop has changed the look to our website! Our new Website is informative and illustrative and we encourage everyone to use our site as a learning tool and as a reference. If you ever have a question about handing a door, machining a door, what type of veneer to use, type of core, have questions about fire rated doors come visit our site. Our new site also has a responsive web design which provides an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices making it easy to have your questions answered no matter where you are or what device you are on.

New Revolutionary core released!

June 2014

Have you ever wanted a core that was light in weight but strong and durable for your every door need? Have you been wishing for a core that is versatile but rigid at the same time? What if DoorStop could provide you with a new core that has all of these qualities and more. What if I told you that this ground-breaking product was environmentally friendly and comes from a rapidly renewable resource? with end grain configuring, high compression properties, and the best stiffness to weight ratio this core can be applied to any door. I am happy to tell you that there is no need to look any further because DoorStop has released this new revolutionary core "The Diet Core".

DoorStops NEW Jingle!

November 2014

DoorStop wanted you to hear all about what we have to offer. Instead of doing it the traditional way, we aspired to be inventive and created a jingle that we love and hopefully you do too! Click the media player below and listen to our jingle:


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DoorStop on Social Media!

November 2014

DoorStop recently joined a variety of social media venues. Follow us to stay up to date on our products and services fast and easy. You can find us on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, and Google +.

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Company History!


Raised on the ethics of the "school of hard knocks," taught to them expertly by their grandparents and parents, siblings Michael Sklar and Laura Sklar have used their generations of experiences to guide them in the door business as they built DoorStop from the ground up. They learned about the importance of hard work, quality products, creativity, innovation, technology, and, above all else, customer service. They pride themselves on their close relationships over the years with loyal customers who keep returning to DoorStop for the"Right Door. Right Here. Right Now." 


And now, with over 50 years of industry experience between them, they've diversified not only their products (most recently, tackling the GREEN market with sustainable wood doors), but they have also taken on a whole new kind of challenge -- New Jersey! In an effort to further its leadership position in the tri-state area with its high-quality products and expert project guidance, DoorStop has a new location in Carlstadt, New Jersey, less than 10 miles from midtown Manhattan. Now, more customers than ever will discover DoorStop's commitment to finding the perfect door solution for every opening.

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