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Apartment Interior Door Distributor

At DoorStop, we understand that New York customers need durable, high-quality apartment doors. We have been in this business for several generations and we treat every customer like family. Whether you are looking for sturdy interior apartment doors to provide extra security or you want eco-friendly door solutions at an affordable price point, you are in the right place.

We serve clients across a wide range of industries and provide durable, customizable doors with a fast turnaround time. If you are interested in selecting a wood interior door option for an apartment building, keep reading to discover what we can do for you.

Why Should I Choose Wood Interior Doors for Apartments?

If you are a builder, contractor or architect, you know that the type of interior door you choose has a significant effect on the design of the whole apartment. Wood interior doors are versatile options that can be customized according to the other design aspects of the space. 

Interior wood doors are strong and secure, and they are frequently fortified with additional materials for enhanced sturdiness. They are also one of the most aesthetically pleasing door options available, and they can be stained and painted to complement any existing interior design.

Apartment Interior Door Types

There are many different types of interior doors available for apartment buildings. Whether you are looking for maximum durability or prefer an option that allows for more customization, we have what you need here at DoorStop. Check out our customizable interior door types below:

Plastic laminate doors feature a wide range of designs, affordable prices and maximum durability. Our inventory includes linear graphite, chocolate ash, lost pine, shadow ash and other patterns to fit your office's interior design. 

These classic doors offer the ultimate appearance and durability with panels of varying sizes and design fitting between the stiles and rails. Apartment complexes can use these doors for apartments for sturdiness and elegance. 

We provide a wide range of metal doors that comply with safety and accessibility standards and reduce the sounds coming in from noisy environments. When you install metal doors for apartments, you can save on energy costs as they keep out the heat and cold.

Veneer wood doors are popular options for apartment contractors and architects because of their affordability and customizability. This door variety features thin slabs of wood on top of durable core materials. Veneer doors come in a wide range of wood types and stains — a versatile option for any apartment interior.

If you need something that does not readily fit into our interior wood door varieties, feel free to contact our expert team and discuss the custom interior door options we offer!

Interior Apartment Door Features






Being responsible for thousands of tenants' homes, you need to ensure the doors you put in apartments will keep residents safe while being visually appealing. That's why DoorStop is your go-to NYC door supplier for apartments. We offer doors that are both fire-rated and visually pleasing for compliance and to make your buildings more appealing.

The variety of door styles we offer provides an array of options for the door features that you need for your apartment complex. DoorStop will work with you to get the perfect interior apartment doors for your buildings to ensure that your tenants and infrastructure are protected.

Choose DoorStop for Your NYC Apartment Door Needs

We are dedicated to providing our clients with premium, customizable door selections from trusted, high-quality vendors. Visit our showroom, call (888) 366-7624 or contact us with any questions today!

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