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Industries We Serve

At DoorStop, we partner with a variety of businesses across NYC and the Tri-State area. Our customers use our doors for projects involving many types of commercial buildings. This spotlight on our most popular industries for projects is here to provide inspiration for your next job. We welcome anyone looking for doors for a commercial project to request a quote.

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An office door needs to handle daily use and create a productive environment for employees. Clients working on office projects often choose the following types of doors:

With our wide selection and high-quality materials, you can find the right door for your office project.

When working on apartment building projects, your customers need to consider the needs of both building staff and tenants. You may find these door types in an apartment complex:

  • Veneer: Flush veneer doors have easily maintained surfaces that feature popular and exotic woods.

  • Stile and Rail: Classic stile and rail doors help an apartment feel like home with attractive shapes and finishes.

These door options create a comfortable living environment for tenants in their everyday lives.

Hotel projects can have various goals depending on the hotel's focus. Two of our doors that are often found in hotel projects include:

  • Stile and Rail: A stile and rail door's classic appearance makes it well-suited for hotels that aim for a homelike environment.

  • Veneer: Veneer doors have the natural look of wood and a flush surface that makes cleaning simple.

Our custom ordering system will help you pinpoint your hospitality customers' needs and deliver high-quality results.

Health care facilities like hospitals need to meet regulations and protect patients' health. We sell doors for hospital projects, including:

  • Laminate: Doors with laminate finishes can keep hospitals safe and efficient because of their durability and simple maintenance.

  • Hollow Metal: Metal doors provide security and durability in hospital areas that have high levels of traffic

Let our representatives work with you to find a door that complies with your health care project's regulations.

Your Commercial Wood Door Distributor

For any project you plan to complete, you can count on our team at DoorStop to provide the doors you need. Thanks to our customer-centered approach, we can give you benefits that you will not find at major brand stores. Our fast lead times, personable customer service and custom capabilities set us apart in the industry.

Start your order today by calling (888) 366-7624 or contacting our team online.

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