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Creating a Work Atmosphere: 5 Doors for the Office

Employees spend a lot of time inside office buildings. When an office environment allows people to concentrate and feel comfortable, workers can get more work done in a day and feel more satisfied with their employment. In this way, productivity and atmosphere are closely linked.

Every aspect of an office contributes to the overall atmosphere, including the doors. When planning office renovations or building a new commercial office, you need to choose interior office doors that will create the ideal working environment for employees.

Since all businesses have unique needs and design preferences, different types of doors work best for different spaces. To choose the right commercial office doors for your project, consider the benefits of each option. Here are five types of doors you can use to create a positive working environment.

1. Wood Doors

Wood doors commonly find use in residential buildings as well as office buildings. Depending on the design of the door and the stain of the wood, these doors can appear warm, friendly or sophisticated. Wood doors fit right in with the architectural style of older offices and offices inside converted residential buildings. Wood doors come in a wide range of styles, so you can choose an option that matches your client's vision.

In addition to looking great, wood doors offer enhanced privacy for office workers. Having an enclosed space out of view may allow some employees to feel more productive while at work.

2. Metal Doors

Metal office doors enhance the work environment by providing features for security and functionality. Ideal for data storage rooms and stairwells, these doors often have an industrial look and high fire rating. The metal material will resist damage, and when paired with sturdy hardware, the door will keep unwanted visitors out.

Metal doors may not fit with every office aesthetic, but when you place them strategically, they can help protect business assets and keep workers safe.

3. Glass Doors

Office doors with glass panels can go a long way toward improving a work environment. Glass allows light to move through an office building more freely, lighting up conference rooms, hallways, reception areas and work spaces. When workers can see through part or all of a door, they can stay more connected with their surroundings and feel more motivated.

Glass doors also improve visibility in an office. This may make supervision easier and reduce the amount of time workers spend tracking down colleagues. To allow for greater visibility without sacrificing privacy, choose thicker glass to reduce noise.

4. Plastic Laminate Doors

Plastic laminate is a more durable alternative to wood. These doors are cost-effective, easy to clean and resistant to moisture, scratches and heat. You may choose to place these doors in areas of high traffic.

plastic laminate door consists of two primary parts — a wooden or fire-resistant core and a laminate exterior. Laminate comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including patterns that resemble natural wood. You can use plastic laminate doors to create a cohesive environment that appeals to an office building's clients and employees.

5. Sliding Doors

For an office with a modern design, think about installing sliding doors. These space-saving doors open and close quietly, which makes them ideal for conference rooms. When people use these doors, they will not interrupt meetings in progress or draw unnecessary attention to themselves.

Many sliding doors feature glass panels. Sliding glass doors provide the same benefits as glass doors in an office space, including increased light and visibility. No matter what style of sliding doors you select, you can count on them to impress clients and improve employees' perception of the office environment.

How to Choose Doors for an Office

When choosing commercial office doors, you need to consider a number of factors in addition to a door's impact on the office itself. These factors include:


  • Fire codes and standards

  • Security requirements

  • Available space and budget

  • Overall office design


When you balance these elements with productivity, you set up the office building for success now and in the future.














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