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Are Stile and Rail Doors Worth the Price?

When working with a client on a project, helping them decide on doors for their space is a crucial final step. Your client might consider stile and rail doors and hesitate over the higher cost. However, these architectural wood doors offer many advantages that make up for the price.

Are Stile and Rail Doors Worth the Price

What Is a Stile and Rail Door?

A stile and rail door consists of many pieces of wood glued together, in contrast to others — such as solid wood and flush doors — that are constructed of one slab of wood. The stiles are vertical wood pieces that go on either side of the door, while the rails are horizontal strips at the bottom and top.

This door type includes various components that create the finished piece, including intermediate and lock rails, mullions, door panels, muntins — for doors with glass panels — and dowels.

Why Is Stile and Rail More Expensive?

Rail and stile doors tend to be more expensive because of their manufacturing process. These doors consist of numerous pieces of wood that manufacturers must cut precisely for a high-quality, accurate product. To join all the components, manufacturers must glue each one together. 

Some manufacturers also use a technique that involves pressing each door using a platform called a platen. This method requires an exact amount of pressure and a controlled temperature, making for an involved, skilled process. 

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How Is a Stile and Rail Door Better?

Door panels for stile and rail models are easily customizable, allowing your client to get the ideal door — whether that is wood, steel, glass or another material. The panels can accommodate simple and complex designs to provide an elegant finish.

These doors are also sturdier than their flush and slab counterparts. The intermediate rails allow for more durable construction, and the dowels connect the stiles and rails for a tight, strong fit all around the door. Concerning durability and customization, rail and stile models win out over cheaper options that do not provide as much peace of mind or aesthetic appeal.

Contact Us Today for Stile and Rail Wood Doors

Contact Us Today for Stile and Rail Wood Doors

We offer high-quality, custom commercial doors to contractors in New York City with our quick lead times and individualized customer service.

If stile and rail doors sound like a fitting choice for your client, get in touch with us today to discuss our capabilities. When you need a commercial door distributor with comprehensive services, come to us at DoorStop.

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