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Custom Interior Door Distributor

We consider our custom capabilities one of our biggest advantages at DoorStop. Our vendors can manufacture made-to-order commercial doors to fit a wide range of project specifications. When you need a custom commercial door, count on us to provide the right door, right here, right now.

Does a Custom Door Fit Your Project?

At DoorStop, we have ready-made and custom doors available for you to order. The below factors may influence your choice between the order methods:

  • Appearance: Do you need a door with an unconventional look? A custom door can help you make a statement with a unique size, shape, material or finish.

  • Cost: Can you find an appropriate ready-made option within your price range? In some cases, a custom order can help you save money with a different use of materials or finish. 

  • Project Goals: What goals does your project need to achieve? Historical buildings and other specialty projects may need custom doors for you to get the intended results.

  • Available Ready-made Options: Can you find a ready-made door that meets your needs? Custom orders will give you the opportunity to get doors that you cannot find in the average distributor's inventory

  • Project Space: Do you have an unconventional entryway area to fill? Some renovations and specialty projects require doors that do not have standard shapes or sizes.


Our customer representatives will help you decide whether you need a custom order and find the right door for your project..

Apartment Hallway

Opportunity Awaits

Order your dream interior doors: we'll turn your vision into a reality. 

Custom Interior Door Options and Types

As a custom interior door manufacturer, we make it possible to order many types of custom doors. Some of our most popular custom doors follow.

Interior Commercial Oversized Doors

A commercial big wood door makes a statement and fills larger entryway spaces. It can accommodate larger equipment or make room more accessible. Our vendors can produce oversized doors with a focus on beauty, function or both. 

Custom-Shaped Commercial Doors

Older buildings or buildings with unique architecture may need a custom-shaped door. Allow our vendors to machine your door to the exact size and shape you need.

Interior Commercial Barn Doors

Barn doors slide from side-to-side to open and close, making them space-efficient and eye-catching. A bard door can help you save room or give your project a trendy appearance.

Custom Hardware and Parts Available

Finish your custom order with our selection of custom parts and hardware. Choose from products such as:

  • Custom commercial door frames

  • Interior pocket door hardware

  • Commercial sliding door hardware

  • Custom commercial door handles

  • Sliding interior barn door hardware

As part of your custom order, you may have the option to request custom machining to accommodate your hardware.

DoorStop: Your Local Custom Door Distributor

You can count on our team to supply high-quality custom doors with fast lead times. We deliver most of our orders within two to three weeks - one-quarter the length of the industry's average turnaround. Depend on us for exceptional customer service from a team with four generations of experience.

Begin your custom door order today by contacting a team member or calling us at (888) 366-7624.

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