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Best Interior Doors for Hotels

To attract guests and ensure they leave happy, every aspect of a hotel's interior must look beautiful and function properly. From the hotel entrance door to the bathroom stalls, guest will judge a hotel's quality and value by its doors. That's why it's important to choose the right door options when designing, building or updating any place of hospitality.

Travelers expect hotels to have a unique sense of style and reflect the local area. By choosing door veneer and style carefully, you can help a hotel communicate a desired message to guests. You also need to consider the purpose of each door. The best hotel door will depend on its intended location as well as the hotel's overarching design. Take a closer look at the best interior doors for hotels by location.

Reception and Lobby

The reception area is the perfect place to impress guests and differentiate a hotel from the competition. For interior doors in the lobby, you may consider large wood veneer doors with decorative elements. For more control over the finished look, you can choose custom doors.

Hilton Garden Inn hotel interior doors NYC

While aesthetic plays a vital role in door choice for hotel lobbies, keep in mind that people move through these spaces constantly. Doors in the reception area must be durable enough to withstand bumps from rolling suitcases and vacuums as well as general wear and tear.

Guest Rooms

The door is the first part of a hotel room that guests experience. The appearance of a guest room door impacts the guest's impression of the corridor, and the door's construction and hardware influence their comfort and perception of security.

Hotel room interior wood door from DoorStop NY

The best interior doors for hotel guest rooms have high Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings to prevent hallway noise from bothering guests inside. Guest room doors should also provide durability and resist damage to ensure they appear like new throughout their lifespan. Flush doors are popular for guest room entrances due to their sleek modern look.

When choosing guest room doors for a hotel, prioritize high-quality hardware. These doors need sophisticated locks, sturdy handles, peepholes and door guards for security.

Hotel Door Lock

Restroom Entry and Stalls

For restrooms inside guest rooms, you can select a plastic laminate door that complements the room entrance door. Laminate simplifies cleaning and stands up to the heat and moisture produced by showers.

For public restrooms in the lobby or throughout the hotel, the best doors resist bacterial growth and damage from heavy use. To impress guests and emphasize the hotel's quality, choose stall doors with an elevated design.

Restaurants and Bars

The doors that welcome guests into a hotel's restaurant or bar should set the mood for the dining or drinking experience. Large stile and rail doors can create the desired atmosphere. The restaurant or bar also offers an ideal spot to draw on local architectural styles for inspiration. For hardware, look for handles that match the restaurant's style, whether modern or traditional.

Back of House

Back of house staff navigate through many doors that guests never see. The best doors for back of house are durable and functional. Metal doors work well in these spaces since they provide increased security and will not become damaged when housekeeping carts bump into them. Will staff carry items when they go through these doors? If so, consider choosing an option that does not require the user to turn a handle.

Banquet Hall

Banquet halls and event spaces need grand hotel door designs that reflect the hotel's brand and architectural style. Stile and rail wood doors work well in banquet halls, as do custom doors designed with the space's theme and size in mind.


Safety is your top priority when choosing stairwell doors. The best stairwell doors are durable, have fire ratings of at least 90 minutes and use steel or other appropriate hardware materials. For stairwell doors that do not lead into the corridor, metal often proves sufficient. In addition, a plastic laminate veneer can make a stairwell door blend in with the rest of the doors in a hallway.

Choose the Right Hotel Doors for Your Project

The doors you choose can impact the success of your hotel building project. At DoorStop, we sell a wide range of high-quality doors and hardware from respected vendors. With 2-3 week lead times, we make it possible to get the modern commercial interior doors you need to impress clients and win more jobs. To receive an estimate on hotel doors, contact us today.

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