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Matching Commercial Doors with Hotel Brand Styles

Hotel owners and other high-end or confidential clients can have strong preferences about their brand and style. Doors are one of the most visible parts of any hotel, and they impact the guests' perception. Whether noticing the hotel entrance doors, lobby doors or individual rooms, guests will use these features to interpret the hotel's brand identity, which affects their experience. 

Match Commercial Doors with Hotel Brand Styles

Tips to Keep in Mind When Matching Your Hotel Doors

When it's time for an update or a redesign, you'll want to make sure that the doors align with the hotel's brand while portraying a creative design. Once you identify the hotel's style, you can adjust your door's characteristics, such as colors, veneers, styles and cuts.


Pay attention to the following when choosing hotel doors. 

1. Trends

Trends constantly change, so hotels need to pay attention and appeal to different generations. Once you establish the brand guidelines, you can look at current hotel trends and implement them in your door choice. These minor details improve the overall style and appeal to the guests. 

Hotel guests may want to immerse themselves in the local culture. Your doors and layout can help them feel like they are a part of that area and convey the hotel's desired message. Many guests are now looking at how hotels utilize technology — implementing stylish wooden doors and integrating tech can keep any hotel on-trend.

To promote a timeless look, watch out for trendy styles and stick to traditional builds.

hotel door trends

2. Colors

Adding color or veneers can transform an indoor environment. The door's color can create a fun, light-hearted experience for all guests. It can also make for a more sleek and sophisticated look to balance against busy design features.

3. Styles

Consider using different door styles and varying hardware to create the ideal atmosphere. Using hotel doors with walnut veneers or fully wooden doors can transform a casual visit into a high-end experience.

Find Your Custom Hotel Doors With DoorStop

Interior doors influence any hotel's reputation. At DoorStop, our experts can help you find the right door that matches project or branding guidelines.

Whether you are looking for a particular style or want to complement the location, you can count on our 80 years of experience to help you impress your guests. Get in touch with our team to receive an estimate on hotel doors. 

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