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how is door technology made?

Door Technology: How It's Made

Whether you're working on a project for an office, apartment complex, school or any commercial building, choosing the best door hardware can make all the difference. The individuals who frequent the building want to feel confident and safe with all of the interior features, including the doors inside the building.

Technology is growing at an unbelievable pace and the door industry is taking advantage of the impressive door hardware that helps make people's lives easier and provides a feeling of security. Dive deeper into the world of door technology and learn what products are available for your projects and how they are made.

Door security technology types

Types of Door Security Technology

The main benefits that door security technology provides are safety and ease of use. Various door hardware options, including key fobs, keypads, and other standard door hardware, enhance building security.

Many of these commercial door locks and hardware allow individuals to enter and exit doors via keyless entry. This feature is a must-have for commercial buildings and is an upgrade that people can appreciate.

With businesses, complexes and organizations swiftly searching for more contemporary additions to their buildings, it's worth testing out new door technology. Check out the benefits of using key fobs, keypads and other hardware and learn how you can include them in your next commercial building project. 

Key Fobs

Key fobs continue to grow in popularity because of their convenience and security features. These small devices are programmed to open certain doors in buildings with a simple swipe on a sensor. A  key fob is small enough to fit in your pocket and easily attached to a key ring.

Key fobs have been around for a long time, but the technology integrated with today's key fob systems helps make them more secure. Key fobs work by sending radio waves to the sensors or readers attached to the doors. The readers will scan the radio waves like a barcode and recognize if it has entry access. The technology that key fob systems use includes passive radio frequency identification (RFID), Near Field Communication or Bluetooth.

Key fobs are the ideal solution for various commercial buildings. This smart lock technology works for apartment complexes and office environments in many ways, including:

  • Apartments or residential buildings: Apartments can provide different amenities and communal areas for their tenants. Duplicating keys can be costly for these spaces — and may lead to security issues — so key fobs are an excellent alternative for residents. Key fobs are helpful in areas like storage facilities, recreation centers and common areas. Apartments can also use a key fob system for individual units.

  • Office buildings: Businesses can benefit from key fobs if they want an easy way to restrict building access to employees and increase safety. Businesses can also limit access to certain areas or storage rooms in their building to protect equipment. Key fob systems can also provide a way to track visitor and employee entries and exits.

Residential buildings, businesses and other commercial buildings can benefit from these smart security door locks. Other benefits of using key fobs in your next project include:

  • Difficult replicatation. It's easy to copy a key and spread copies around, decreasing a building's security. Key fobs are designed to be hard to replicate, and it's easy to deactivate fobs if one gets lost. 

  • Access control systems: An appealing feature of the key fob system is access programming. People can create access parameters that meet their building's needs and security measures. Access control includes allowing access to certain areas, creating time frames for door access or granting short-term access for visitors. 

  • Easy installation: Key fob systems are simple for contractors or building owners to install. They'll last a long time with the proper upkeep and work for nearly any standard door. 


Another top choice for keyless entry is keypads. Keypad systems will require a numerical code for entry access. These commercial door entry systems work by users entering the set code into the keypad, which allows the deadbolt to release and open the door. These systems typically require batteries to operate.

Keypads are a great technology upgrade for a commercial interior door project because of their convenience. Other benefits of installing keypads for commercial buildings include:

  • Stronger security: Keypads operate with different mechanisms than a traditional door lock. They're hard to pick open and you can easily change the code at any time. 

  • Durability: Keypads can last a long time compared to traditional keys. Easy upkeep of the keypad and keeping an eye on the power source can keep it operating smoothly. 

  • Convenience: The big perk of keypads is not having to carry around a key. People can misplace or forget their keys — keypads make maneuvering around a building easy and efficient. 

  • Simple installation: The installation process for keypads is easy to learn. It's similar to installing traditional door hardware in a standard door, though the installation may vary depending on the types of interior doors your project includes. 

Door Hardware

Contractors can find a variety of door hardware items that implement smart door locks. With deadbolts that are activated by smartphones, locks that scan fingerprints and lock systems that send text notifications when doors are opened, hardware upgrades can help bring your project to the next level.

If a commercial client asks for recommendations on high-tech door hardware for their upcoming project, you can reach out to your local door distributor for a custom quote on doors that will accommodate this hardware. 

Why Is Door Security Necessary?

Commercial buildings have a responsibility to keep guests, tenants, students and employees safe. Door security is a key factor that goes into contracting jobs. People place a high value on security, and providing safe access points can make occupants feel safer in their buildings. 

Security is an essential topic for commercial doors for more reasons than personal safety — companies and organizations need to protect their physical property and any sensitive information they use. Door security is important for many reasons, including:

  • Deterrent: Any advanced door locks or access systems can act as a deterrent for theft or trespassing. People will often see an upgraded lock or recognize a key fob system and decide against trying to access the space. Commercial doors with smart locks are harder to open without the right entry codes or keys — keeping people and items protected. 

  • Efficient: Secure commercial doors allow people to use them more efficiently, especially with the right upkeep. Rather than fumbling with a bundle of keys, employees can access areas more quickly with smart door locks.

  • Cost-saving: New door hardware often requires less maintenance and can save commercial buildings money in the long run. 

  • Reputation: Buildings with high-tech door locks can be recognized for valuing safety and security. 

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