Commercial Metal Doors and Hardware

At DoorStop, we have a large selection of hollow metal doors and frames for your business. We provide ready-to-go models on demand and custom options. To finish your order, we can also add metal hardware such as:

  • Hinges

  • Door levers

  • Door closers

Many of our customers choose commercial metal doors because of their sturdiness and reliability. Learn more about our custom metal doors and how they can benefit your business below.

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Why and When to Order Commercial Custom Metal Doors

We provide a wide range of products at DoorStop, including metal doors, laminate doors and wood options. Which option will suit your company's needs the best? Consider the benefits and ideal circumstances associated with metal doors. 

Benefits of Commercial Metal Doors and Frames 

A metal door can provide the following perks and more:

  • Safety: Metal doors have a high level of structural security and can protect your space from break-ins, fires and other hazards.

  • Versatility: You can install a metal door in an indoor or outdoor space because it will balance strength with a manageable weight.

  • Insulation: A metal door with a hollow design insulates against hot and cold temperatures and will, as a result, keep your space comfortable.

  • Durability: Frames and doors made from metal stand up to frequent use, storms and physical damage.

  • Ease of maintenance: Since metal doors resist damage, they require less maintenance and tend to have simple repairs.


One of our team members can help you compare the options we have available to see if you would prefer a metal door.

Reasons Our Customers Choose Commercial Metal Doors in Manhattan, the Bronx and Beyond

A commercial metal door could help your business if you have any of the following goals in mind:


  • Comply with safety and accessibility standards: The lightweight design and hardware compatibility of hollow metal doors make them an excellent choice for compliance needs. We also offer metal vision kits with glass to make sure your doors adhere to any safety standards while allowing visibility to your space.

  • Reduce sound from outdoors: In addition to insulating for temperature, metal doors can insulate against sound in noisy environments.

  • Minimize the need for maintenance: Metal doors require simpler cleaning and maintenance processes than other types of doors, which will save you time and money.

  • Become more energy-efficient: Since they keep out the heat and cold, metal doors can help you save on the energy used for climate control.

  • Accommodate high traffic: Businesses that have many people going in and out of their doors can choose metal as a reliable door material.



Metal doors serve many purposes that benefit businesses across the New York City area. Ask us how our metal doors, frames and hardware can help your business.

Do Not Wait to Order Your Custom Commercial Metal Doors and Hardware

Customers in the NYC area choose our doors because of our speed and custom capabilities. We can work with our vendors to give you a custom door that meets your specifications within a few weeks. Do you need your door faster? Ask us about our Door-N-24 Fast Track Program. Call us at (888) 366-7624 or contact a representative online to start your order.