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hospital plastic laminate doors
plastic laminate hotel door Brazilwood - hospital finish
plastic laminate door and desk SoftGrain Walnut
Hotel room plastic laminate door

Commercial Plastic Laminate Doors

At DoorStop, we offer high-quality plastic laminate doors for your interior business space. Our Manhattan interior laminate doors feature a wide range of designs and high durability. Combines with their affordable price, these traits make our laminate doors a great choice for high-traffic spaces like hospitals and schools. See why so many customers choose plastic laminate wood doors for their commercial areas.

Your Options for Plastic Laminate Doors in Manhattan, NYC

We offer a full range of designs and patterns in our laminate inventory. Choose from Wilsonart® laminate designs such as:

  • Linear Graphite: Linear and textural stone pattern adorned with hints of red

  • Chocolate Ash: Wood pattern featuring rich and mid-tone browns textured with a charred look

  • Lost Pine: Grey and taupe tones highlighted a knotty, distressed wood texture

  • Shadow Ash: Woodgrain pattern with partial cathedrals in warm gray ash

  • Stone Alona: Strong cathedrals and plain-sliced grain expressed in a dark grey oak

  • Planked Texas Walnut: Repeating panels of wood with light to dark variations and full cathedrals

These patterns replicate natural designs to give your door a sophisticated appearance at a cost-effective price. Ask our staff about even more laminate patterns when you contact us or make an order.



Design Options

Why Choose Laminate Doors?

Plastic laminate doors offer benefits like:

  • Ease of maintenance: You can clean a laminate door quickly and easily with common cleaning materials. Laminate doors also resist stains and moisture, altogether reducing the need for cleaning.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Laminate door manufacturers maximize their use of materials to give you an affordable price. The materials in laminate doors also tend to cost less than those for other types of doors.

  • Strength: In spaces prone to dirt and damage, laminate doors can resist these conditions. They stand up to scratches, moisture and heat.

  • Style: Manufacturers can create laminate in a wide range of patterns. As a result, you have numerous options to choose from for your laminate door's appearance.

Businesses looking for an affordable and durable door for high-traffic areas should consider laminate for their interior spaces.

Interior Laminate Door Construction

A laminate door consists of two primary components:

  • Laminate: Manufacturers create laminate by fusing resin and paper material into a sturdy, patterned sheet. Laminate can have a variety of patterns, including ones that resemble natural materials. 

  • Core: Each laminate door has a core created from wood or fire-retardant material. The core makes up the main structure of the door and can come in various weights and materials.

The laminate door manufacturing process involves attaching the laminate to the core to provide protection and stability. These steps result in a durable and affordable door for a variety of commercial environments.

DoorStop Has the Right Door for Your Business

Count on our team at DoorStop for interior plastic laminate doors in Manhattan, NYC and nearby. When you become one of our customers, you become a customer for life. Let us partner with you to find the right door for your needs. We welcome you to contact our staff online or call us at (888) 366-7624 to learn more or start an order.

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