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Commercial Interior Doors for Offices

Every commercial office can benefit from a little privacy. If you are looking for solid wood interior office doors, we have a wide variety of attractive, commercial-grade solutions for you. At DoorStop, we turn customers into lifelong clients by providing high-quality door solutions for virtually any commercial space. If you are looking for commercial office doors that increase privacy and complement your existing interior, you have come to the right place!

Why Should I Get Interior Office Doors?

Interior office doors provide privacy and increase the aesthetic appeal of commercial offices by creating a more professional atmosphere. Having enclosed offices, conference rooms and activity areas helps increase focus and productivity by establishing sound barriers between communal spaces and rooms designated for work. 

In addition to these benefits, adding interior office doors to your commercial building will decrease the overall noise level, helping employees perform at their best. 

Why Choose Wooden Interior Office Doors?

Wood is a versatile, natural material that complements almost any commercial interior. This material is available in a wide range of types and stains and can be made to match many different styles and aesthetics. Wood interior doors are strong and durable, especially when combined with other materials for additional structural integrity, making it an ideal choice for most interior environments.

Interior Apartment Door Features






Being responsible for your employees, you need to ensure the doors you put in your buildings will keep people safe while still being visually appealing and matching the office aesthetic. That's why DoorStop is your go-to supplier of office doors in NYC. We offer doors that are both fire-rated and visually pleasing for compliance and to make your buildings more appealing.

The variety of door styles we offer provides an array of options for the door features that you need for your buildings. The DoorStop team works with you to design and supply the perfect interior office doors for your buildings to ensure that your employees and infrastructure are protected.

Types of Interior Office Doors

At DoorStop, we offer a wide variety of commercial interior doors for offices and similar commercial spaces. We have an extensive inventory of doors in various styles and structures, so we are confident we can find a solution for your office interior. 

We recommend stile and rail architectural wood doors for both interior and exterior spaces. These doors have panels surrounded by vertical and horizontal pieces, also known as rails and stiles, respectively. They are perfect for businesses that require a durable commercial wood interior door for offices without sacrificing elegance. 

Hollow metal doors and frames come in both ready-to-go models and custom options. Our metal office doors all offer safety, insulation, versatility, durability and easy maintenance. You can add hinges, door levers and door closers to your metal doors for greater personalization.

Our plastic laminate doors come in a variety of designs, and all offer a high-quality and durable construction. These interior office doors are especially great for high-traffic areas. 

Veneer interior wood doors are doors with thin slabs of wood on each side of the door. Veneer doors are an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for office spaces.

We ensure that our clients have access to virtually any type of door they need. If your needs do not fall into any of our categories, contact our friendly team for custom door solutions!

Order Your Interior Office Doors Today

If you are looking for a door supplier in the Tri-State area or surrounding communities with fast, reliable service, then stop by our showroom in NYC or contact our experts at DoorStop today! Give us a call at (888) 366-7624 or reach out online today.

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