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Should you replace interior doors? DoorStop

5 Reasons to Replace Your Interior Doors 

Is it worth replacing interior doors? When it comes to interior renovation projects, your first inclination may be to add a new coat of paint or replace the carpet with tile. However, you should not overlook the impact new interior doors can have on a building. From creating a visually pleasing design to saving energy each month, you can benefit from updating your building's interior doors.

Overall, an interior door upgrade can significantly enhance the functionality, appearance and value of your space. To learn more about the benefits of this often-overlooked improvement project, read our five greatest reasons to replace your interior doors below.

1. Better Design Consistency 

In some buildings, particularly older ones, the interior doors do not match. Perhaps a previous owner had plans to change all the doors over to a new style over time but never got around to finishing up the construction project. On the other hand, the owner may have wanted the design to be eclectic, making every room a different theme. Whatever the case, your doors do not follow a cohesive design.

One way to fix your problem is by changing all the interior doors. The doors do not need to be exactly the same to achieve a consistent look, as the casings will serve to bring them together. For instance, if you would like French doors going into one room, a pocket door between the kitchen and den with sliding or bi-fold closet doors, you can make them appear to match by adding the right casings. Additionally, you can use them to match design styles to create a consistent overall feel throughout your house. 

Putting in new interior doors is a great opportunity to customize a theme for a home or business. Depending on the style of the home and the tastes of the owner, there are many ways to add personal touches. Whereas some business owners prefer a less elaborate style with fairly generic casings and doors, others may opt for an elegant, regal setting or the clean lines of an industrial design.

As a result, you can achieve a complete, aesthetically pleasing interior look.

2. Improved Door Performance and Quality 

Replacing interior doors in a business often leads to an improvement in door performance, especially if the doors you want to replace are old or of low quality. 

One of the improvements in performance that a new interior door can provide is better soundproofing. Many older doors allow many sounds to pass through them, which can cause major disturbances. A newer door is also more likely to sit more securely in its doorframe. If you notice any space between the doorframe and the door, that's a reason to replace the interior door, as drafts and noise can pass through.

3. Added Home Value

Does replacing interior doors add value? The answer is a resounding yes. The amount of value will depend on the nature and extent of the remodeling project, but new doors almost always provide a space with more functionality and a more aesthetically pleasing look — both of which play a major role in the value of a space. Those who are looking to improve the value of their property without spending a significant amount of money should consider updating their interior doors.

4. Improved Security and Privacy

Some interior doors may have gaps around them, so they do not reach the floor. Installing a solid door that goes all the way down to the floor will be much more effective at providing an increased sense of privacy. A solid interior door is a popular choice for bathrooms, providing excellent security and privacy through a more substantial lock. This concept is particularly important for rooms where valuable items or equipment are stored or where customers should not enter.

5. More Sustainable and Budget-Friendly

Often, building owners overlook the increased energy efficiency that new interior doors can provide. When you install new interior doors, you can cut down your energy bill, leading to benefits for the planet and your wallet.

For rooms you do not use regularly, upgrading to an insulated or solid door that forms a tight seal with the floor is a key way to improve energy efficiency. These types of interior doors are great options for storage rooms and other spaces that are not occupied as frequently. Here, you can ensure that no cooling or heating leaves or enters the room. As a result, only the rooms you use the most receive the air, reducing your energy bill.

How to cut down energy bill with interior doors

For bathrooms and other rooms that require continuous airflow, upgrading to an interior door with a gap between the floor and the bottom of the door can actually improve energy efficiency. This small gap does not decrease the required privacy when the door is shut — it enables airflow to ensure the cooling and heating system performs efficiently. 

When you combine the layout of your interior doors with other energy-saving tricks, you can make a significant impact in terms of sustainability and finances.

Best Interior Doors for Your Space

After making the decision to replace the interior doors in your building, keep in mind that not all interior door types are created equal. For maximum form and function, we recommend considering the following interior door types. Feel free to consider more than one style of interior door.

1. Veneer 

These doors consist of a core with overlaid thin wood sheets. The advantages of wood door veneers for your building include:

  • Affordability: Due to the various core options available, you will have no trouble finding a core option that suits your project's budget. 

  • Environmental friendliness: A veneer door maximizes wood use with thin, high-quality pieces on the exterior and reasonably priced wood on the interior. 

  • Variety: Because door veneers are available in different cuts and species, your design possibilities are nearly endless.

  • Beauty: With a wood veneer door, you enjoy both the natural look of wood and the strength of a fiberboard core.

2. Flush Wood

A flush wood door features plain, flat facings on both sides. These doors are popular with businesses because they are affordable and low maintenance. 

Some benefits of flush doors include:

Cheap flush wood doors for contractors
  • Attractiveness: These doors offer a number of attractive, affordable finishing options, and the DoorStop veneer catalog includes both popular and specialty wood choices. There are also flush wood doors in a durable laminate with natural patterns. Additionally, high-quality finishes are an option.

  • Versatility: The DoorStop inventory offers a wide variety of finishes and cores, allowing you to choose commercial interior wood doors that meet your specific needs. For further customization, we at DoorStop also offer sustainable materials, fire-rated cores and architectural hardware.

3. Plastic Laminate 

The Manhattan interior laminate doors from DoorStop feature a wide variety of designs. Alongside their affordability, laminate doors are effective for high-traffic buildings like schools and hospitals because of their durability.

Here are examples of the different patterns and designs that DoorStop offers for plastic laminate doors: 

  • Linear graphite: A textural and linear stone pattern with red hints

  • Chocolate ash: A wood pattern with rich browns and a charred texture 

  • Shadow ash: A woodgrain pattern that features partial cathedrals in gray ash

  • Lost pine: Both taupe and gray tones with a distressed, knotty wood texture

  • Planked Texas walnut: Repeating wood panels with dark and light variations and full cathedrals 

  • Stone alona: A plain-sliced grain and strong cathedrals expressed in a dark gray oak

4. Stile and Rail

This type of door has panels surrounded by vertical pieces known as stiles and horizontal pieces called rails. Panels with varying designs and sizes can fit between stiles and rails, creating a classic appearance. Due to their durability and appearance, you can use stile and rail doors in interior and exterior spaces.

Some of the greatest advantages of stile and rail doors for your commercial space include:

  • Durability: They consist of solid panels of wood, making them a sturdy option.

  • Elegance: Their paneled appearance will give your commercial space an air of luxury.

  • Flexibility: They come in a wide array of designs so you can easily match the look of your space.

If you want to create a classic or historical appearance for your building, stile and rail doors are a perfect choice. The types of buildings that commonly opt for stile and rail doors include:

  • Hotels 

  • Restaurants

  • Apartment buildings

  • Schools

  • Historic organizations 

  • Medical facilities

5. Metal

Many businesses also choose metal as the material for their interior doors — and it is easy to understand why. 

Some of the greatest benefits of metal interior doors include:

benefits of interior metal doors
  • Safety: These interior doors provide high levels of security, helping protect your business from break-ins, fires, and other types of hazards.

  • Flexibility: Because you can install metal doors in both indoor and outdoor spaces, you have tons of flexibility when using metal doors.

  • Insulation: Choosing metal doors with hollow designs will insulate against extreme temperatures, keeping your space comfortable throughout the year.

  • Durability: All doors and frames made of metal are extremely durable, standing up to constant use, inclement weather and various types of damage. 

  • Low maintenance: Because of metal doors' ability to resist damage, maintaining and repairing them is straightforward. 

A metal door may be a good choice for your business if you are hoping to do any of the following things:

Adhere to accessibility and safety standards: The hardware compatibility and lightweight design of a hollow metal door makes it a great choice when it comes to compliance. At DoorStop, you can find metal vision kits with glass, which will ensure your doors comply with safety standards while still allowing for visibility. 

  • Reduce sound coming from outside: These doors are not only good insulators for temperature — they also insulate against noise.

  • Reduce required maintenance: As metal doors require less cleaning and maintenance than most other door types, you will save money and time. 

  • Be more energy-efficient: Because metal doors keep cold and heat out, they are great for climate control, helping you reduce energy costs.

  • Accommodate higher amounts of traffic: If your business has many people coming in and out of your doors, metal is a smart option that will hold up over continuous use. 

6. Custom Doors

At DoorStop, we believe our capability to craft custom doors is one of our best selling points. If you are considering ordering a custom door, considering the following points may help you arrive at a decision:

  • Appearance: Does your business require a door with an unconventional appearance? Having a custom door lets you make a statement with a unique shape, size, finish or material. 

  • Cost: Are you able to find a ready-made door that suits your budget? In certain cases, custom order doors allow you to save money.

  • Project goals: What are you aiming to achieve with your project? Certain specialty projects like historical buildings may require custom doors to achieve the intended results.

  • Project space: Is the entryway area you need to fill unconventional? Some specialty renovations and projects require doors with non-standard sizes or shapes.

Select the Perfect Interior Doors for Your Commercial Space

Contact DoorStop for the best doors in NYC

If you are in need of beautiful high-performance custom doors for your business, look no further than DoorStop, the leading commercial wood door manufacturer in the Tri-State area. The team of professionals at DoorStop has a combined eight decades of experience and is passionate about serving the needs of customers with well-built, attractive door products.

At DoorStop, we can manufacture custom doors to the customer's exact specifications — and in record fast lead times. When working with DoorStop's experienced professionals, you will always receive high-quality commercial interior doors and reliable, honest service.

DoorStop provides interior wood door distribution services and custom solutions for: 

  • Architectural millworkers: If you are an architectural millworker, you know that your customers expect the best when it comes to both craftsmanship and response level. Here at DoorStop, we provide both, meeting custom specifications with the exact solution for every entryway. 

  • Government agencies: DoorStop has extensive experience meeting the green initiatives and strict standards of government contractors.

  • General contractors: The professionals at DoorStop know how much it costs when delays and mistakes occur. That's why we know the right questions to ask and can recommend the best hardware and construction options and personally expedite exact-day delivery.

  • Architects: Regardless of your specification details, we can custom-craft doors with the exact materials, colors, veneers and hardware to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

To get started on outfitting your building with new interior doors, reach out to us through our contact form or call (888) 366-7624 today.

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