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Interior Veneer Doors

Count on our team at DoorStop to be your commercial wood door veneer distributors. We have a wide selection of popular, exotic and printed veneers that will provide a beautiful finish while saving you money. Learn more about the types of veneers we have available and why you can depend on us for your commercial veneer wood doors in Manhattan.

Benefits of Commercial Veneer Doors

Veneer doors feature thin sheets of wood overlaid on a core. The benefits of buying wood door veneers for your business include:

  • Affordability: Since veneer doors have a variety of core options, you can be sure to find a core option that fits the budeget for your particular project.

  • Eco-friendliness: Veneer doors maximize the use of wood with thin, high-quality pieces on the outside and affordable wood on the inside. 

  • Versatility: Door veneers come in a variety of species and cuts for a wide range of results.

  • Beauty: Wood veneers provide the natural appearance of wood and the benefits of fiberboard cores.

Our selection of high-quality veneer doors includes cost-effective and attractive options for your company.

Choosing a Veneer Door

Finding the perfect veneer door involves choosing the cut, match and veneer type. Learn more about each option below.

Step 1: Choose the Veneer

We sell three types of veneers:

  • Standard Door Veneers: Our standard stock veneers include popular materials like oak, walnut and birch doors. We stock our standard veneers in both unfinished and clear pre-finished door veneers to fit your project needs. 

  • Special Veneers: We also offer door veneers featuring options in special materials and cuts.

  • Customization: We can customize any door with your specifications, whether it's hardware, fire rating, or other specifications.

If you need a durable wood option, keep in mind that we sell plastic laminate doors that allow for high-traffic wear.

Whether you want modernity, luxury or function, we can provide the veneer type that meets your needs.

Stocked Veneers

Special Veneers

Step 2: Choose the Cut

The veneer cut of the wood determines its grain appearance. We offer veneers in the following cuts:

  • Rotary: Rotary cutting involves a full cut around the log that creates a varied grain effect.

  • Plain Sliced: Plain sliced or flat cut veneer features slight changes in grain figure from piece to piece.

  • Quarter: Featuring a cut made at a 45-degree angle to the log, a quarter cut veneer has a straight grain pattern.

  • Rift Cut: Usually reserved for oak, rift cutting creates a narrow striped pattern on the log's medullary rays.

Your veneer door's cut will give you more control over their appearance to help you get the exact results you want.


Uses various species of oak. The rift, or comb-grain effect, is obtained by slicing slightly across the medullar rays. This accentuates the vertical grain and minimizes the flake. Rift cut veneers are more expensive due to lower yield from the log.


Uses the same cutting method as plain sliced veneer, except the log is cut into quarters prior to slicing. This method bisects annual growth rings and results in a straight grain or ribbon-striped mahogany appearance.


Is the most widely used. It is manufactured by advancing a half log against a stationary knife in an up-and-down movement. The resulting cut is characterized by straight grain intermixed with cathedrals.


Is manufactured by advancing a rotating log against a stationary knife. Since this cut follows the log's annual growth rings, a wide, bold grain pattern is produced. 

Step 3: Choose the Match

Our vendors can arrange your veneer door's pattern in the following matching styles:

  • Book Match: Book matching involves arranging symmetrical thin wood sheets like book pages.

  • Slip match: In a slip match, the wood lays in order without turning over like in a book match.

  • Balance match: Balance-matched veneer doors have a uniform width and symmetrical appearance.

Choose a natural appearance or add interest with a more patterned, textured look.

Learn More About Our Manhattan Wood Door Veneers

At DoorStop, we take pride in our fast turnaround times, decades-long expertise and factory-direct sales. We can distribute custom commercial doors made to your specifications by our vendors. For more information about our products, contact our team online or call us at (888) 366-7624.

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