About DoorStop

 As A Fourth Generation Company, DoorStop Believes In Getting You the Right Door, Right Here, Right Now!

We at DoorStop are dedicated to offering custom, quality commercial doors and product guidance for architects, contractors and millworkers throughout New York. Having access to beautiful commercial products should not break your project’s budget. That is why we offer our customers comprehensive services — including custom finishing and consulting — designed to meet the exact parameters of your project.


It is our mission to remain the leading interior door distributors throughout the Tri-State area.

Our History and Mission

Family owned and operated by the Sklar family for two generations, DoorStop is dedicated to getting you the right door, right here, right now. With over 80 years of local commercial door distribution experience, our team stays innovative. We develop products and services that offer our customers the best value solutions and experiences in the industry.

By living the values of hard work, quality products and customer service, we have grown our company according to our family’s vision. It is our pleasure to give those values back to our clients in the form of helpful guidance, support and custom solutions.

Who We Serve

Our team at DoorStop is your best source for local advice, friendly and helpful services and highly rated commercial products. We are proud to offer custom, quality commercial interior doors for New York architects, contractors and millworkers. 


Come check out our New York showroom today to find the highest quality custom commercial interior doors suited to your specific project needs and specifications. Learn more about our products and services today by calling 888-366-7624 or completing our online contact form.


Our Services

Take Off Services

DoorStop is here to help you every step of the way. Send you door schedule to one of our sales representatives, and we will help map out your take off for you.

DoorStop will make sure you meet your job specification requirements every time with our custom finishing.


Our DoorStop sales representatives have years of experience in the door industry and extensive product knowledge. Give DoorStop a call with any project questions you may have. 


Here at DoorStop, we know that it is your top priority to receive your doors on time. We have implemented a DOOR-N-24 program for the times you needed your doors yesterday.

Per Spec Construction

DoorStop is able to provide any door you need based on your door specifications. Give our office a call or email your door specs to Info@DoorStopNY.com

Let DoorStop know what size door you may need. We can provide your standard 36" x 84" door. We can also supply your non-standard 16" x 120" door and everything in between.

DoorStop Doors Can Be Found All Over The Tri-State Area 

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