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Interior School Doors

For every contractor, architect or builder, choosing the right type of door for a building's interior is a critical part of combining design elements with the need for safety. At DoorStop, our team is dedicated to providing customers with excellent interior door selections at affordable price points. We distribute hundreds of door types across a wide variety of industries and feature an extensive showroom where you can see our collections for yourself.

For four generations, our company has been providing quality interior doors and excellent customer service to customers in New York and beyond. We understand the value of safe school doors, and we stand behind the products we sell. When you need a quality door solution with quick delivery, you can count on us.


Commercial School Door Choices

We offer the following types of interior wood doors for schools:

Spaces that see high traffic, such as a school, need high-quality doors that resist dirt and damage. Plastic laminate doors from DoorStop are the perfect option. They offer a sophisticated appearance paired with durable construction. 

We offer both ready-made and custom stile and rail doors based on your needs. The primary design includes different shapes and sizes of stiles, rails and inner panels for a historic look that also provides quality and durability

Metal doors can benefit your school by providing safety and versatility. They resist damage, require little maintenance and keep both hot and cold temperatures out. 

Veneer interior doors are popular options comprised of thin sheets of wood on the front and back of a door with a wooden interior. Veneer wood doors are prized for their durability and eco-friendliness.

We offer a variety of custom door options to meet your unique needs upon request. Talk with our experienced team to determine how we can provide you with the right type of door for your project.

Interior Apartment Door Features






Schools are one of the locations where it's most important to have high-quality doors. Doors in school buildings need to first and foremost, keep children and staff safe, while also being subject to frequent use and wear-and-tear. That's why DoorStop is the go-to supplier for school doors in NYC. We offer doors that are fire-rated, visually pleasing, durable, and safe: all of the aspects needed in a school.

The variety of door styles we offer provides an array of options for the door features that you need for school buildings. The DoorStop team works with you to design and supply the perfect interior school doors to meet your needs. Ensure that your doors keep kids safe: get them from DoorStop NY.

Finish Your School Door Project With Our Door Solutions

When choosing the right school doors, safety comes first. We offer an extensive variety of door choices designed for both primary schools and university campuses, including classic interior wood door options. 


When choosing interior doors for a school building, it is important to consider the elements of children's safety and security along with the school's interior aesthetics. That is why we offer customizable, functional and durable door solutions that are ideal for keeping kids safe.

Choose DoorStop for Your School Door Needs

When you need a reliable source for school doors and more in New York City and surrounding areas, you can count on DoorStop to meet your needs. We have an extensive showroom with hundreds of door types and styles on display and friendly staff to guide you to the right door choice. Contact us online or give us a call at (888) 366-7624 today!

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