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DoorStop FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Door-N-24?

At DoorStop, we have the manufacturers and resources available to get you a door in just ONE day! With one of the fastest lead times in the industry, DoorStop's Door-N-24 program is our way to ensure that your project gets finished on time, no matter how soon you need your door. Order yours now!

Can I customize the doors I order?

Yes! At DoorStop, we specialize in creating custom doors specific to your project. No matter the finish, hardware, or design, we can create the door you need.

Do you provide hardware for doors?

Yes! We offer hardware from all major lines. We can supply hardware from hinges to locks to security hardware and much more. Simply request hardware with your order.

Can I buy an interior door for my personal home?

While we don't sell directly to homeowners, if your contractor is completing a project in your apartment or house, they can request interior doors for your project.

What if the door my client needs is an unusual size or shape?

No problem! At DoorStop, we specialize in custom-made doors. No matter what the size, design, or type of door is, we can make it for you.

Can I request a door for an industry that's not mentioned on your website?

Absolutely! Because we supply doors for a large number of products in those industries, we have featured pages to showcase those projects. However, no matter what your commercial project is, we can supply the doors for it.

Do you have spec sheets for door types and features?

Yes! You can view all of our spec sheets on our website.

What areas does DoorStop service?

We service New York City and the tri-state area. As we specialize in getting doors for your project quickly, we do not ship nationally.

Looking for more answers? We can help!

Get in touch with us through our form or call us now to have any other questions answered, get a quote, or to order your doors today!

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