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Hospital Interior Door Distributors

If you are looking for a reliable door distributor that can accommodate hospital construction standards, we have everything you need. For four generations, we at DoorStop have been providing high-quality doors to contractors, architects and building project managers across many industries. Whether you are looking for durability, aesthetic versatility or both, we can meet your needs with fast, customer-focused service.

Health care facilities have unique door needs. Hospitals need properly functioning doors that keep patients safe and secure while also providing easy access for health care professionals. At DoorStop, we provide a wide range of door types that can accommodate various kinds of hospital rooms with many customization options.

We value our reputation in the New York community and surrounding areas, and we sell only quality, long-lasting doors that our customers can trust. Browse our options for hospital doors and customization.

What Doors Are Right for Hospitals?

We want to make choosing the right hospital door an easy, streamlined process. Depending on a hospital's specific requirements for door material, operability and aesthetics, our representatives here at DoorStop can help you determine which doors in our inventory make the best options for your health care facility project.

In general, we distribute laminate and metal doors to clients working on building or remodeling hospitals and other health care facilities. Take a look at the most common door types for hospitals and their unique benefits:

At DoorStop, we distribute high-quality plastic laminate doors that are available in a wide range of laminate color choices. Plastic laminate doors are popular solutions for hospital environments because they are affordable yet highly durable. Our selection includes plastic laminate doors in the following color options: Chocolate Ash, Shadow Ash, Lost Pine, Linear Graphite, Stone Alona and Planked Texas Walnut.

This door option is simple to maintain, which significantly increases the safety factor for hospitals. If you are looking for wood doors for hospitals, choosing a laminate alternative in one of our natural colors is an excellent balance of easy cleaning and aesthetic appeal. 

Hollow metal doors are another popular choice for health care facilities. These doors are both easy to maintain and incredibly sturdy, and they are ideal for hospital environments that experience high traffic levels. Hollow metal doors are excellent options for insulation and withstanding physical damage. They feature a hollow core with thick metal sides and doorframes, which also gives them valuable noise reduction capabilities.

If you are looking for a hospital door solution that provides durability and ease of maintenance, hollow metal doors may be your answer.

Lead-Lined Doors

For hospital radiology rooms, we also offer lead-lined door options. Lead-lined doors are frequently ordered for radiology rooms, because the doors add extra security and protection against radiation. Contact us directly for more information about radiation protection door options.

Interior Apartment Door Features






DoorStop is the go-to supplier of medical building interior doors in NYC. We offer doors that are both fire-rated and sanitary for medical compliance and to make buildings safer.

The variety of door styles we offer at DoorStop gives you a multitude of options for the door features that you need for hospitals and medical buildings. The DoorStop team works with you to design and supply the perfect sanitary, safe doors for hospitals to ensure that medical employees, patients, and equipment are protected.

Your NYC-Based Hospital Door Distributor

If you are working on a construction or remodel project for a hospital or health care facility, DoorStop can provide the right doors at the right price — with fast shipping in the New York City and Tri-State area. If you have any questions about choosing the right hospital doors, contact us online or call us at (888) 366-7624 today!

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