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Best commerical wood doors to buy - DoorStop

Commercial Wood Doors

Interior wood doors can add warmth and charm to your commercial space. Consider our selection of products you can have installed in your office, hotel, apartment, or other commercial building.

Our Interior Door Types

At DoorStop, we sell a wide range of popular door styles for commercial projects. Find the right door styles for your needs below.

A wood veneer door features a thin layer of wood over a durable core. You may want to install this type of door in your commercial space because of its:


  • Cost-effectiveness: A veneer door is less expensive than a solid wood one. With the custom options available, you can find a product that fits your budget.

  • Eco-friendliness: Wood is an eco-friendly material, but since a veneer door only uses a thin layer of wood, the manufacturer can use wood from the same log to make multiple products.

  • Unique design: You can find various wood species and cuts for your wood veneer doors.

  • Visual appeal: Wood veneer doors have a solid wood door's aesthetic qualities to complement your commercial space's design.

Choose from a broad selection of veneers in popular and exotic woods. You can combine one of our door cores with a wood veneer to get the exact results you want.

A laminate door contains a plastic layer that resembles solid hardwood over a durable core. Some of the benefits of investing in plastic laminate doors include:


  • Diverse style: Manufacturers can create laminate doors in various patterns. You will have plenty of custom options for your laminate door's design.

  • Durability: Laminate resists dirt and damage to accommodate high traffic. Your plastic laminate doors can withstand heat, scratches and moisture.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Plastic tends to be less expensive than solid hardwood.

  • Ease of maintenance: If many people share your commercial space, you can easily clean your plastic laminate doors with standard cleaners. Since these doors resist moisture and stains, you will not need to clean them as often.


Our vendors work with high-quality laminate patterns that resemble natural materials and provide a polished appearance.

Durable and attractive stile and rail doors will add a classic touch to your commercial space. They come in numerous designs that you can select with the help of one of our sales representatives. You might want to choose this style door for your property because of its:


  • Versatility: Stile and rail doors come in various designs to complement your commercial space.

  • Elegance: The clean, symmetrical lines will add luxury to the room's aesthetic.

  • Sturdiness: The strong wood panels in a stile and rail door can withstand most wear and tear.

Hollow metal doors and frames feature excellent durability and sound-blocking properties. They also provide a high level of security because of their sturdy construction that resists break-ins. Consider the benefits of installing this type of door in your commercial space:


  • Ease of maintenance: Metal doors resist damage, so they tend to be easier to maintain and repair.

  • Durability: Metal doors and frames can withstand physical wear, storms and frequent use.

  • Insulation: A hollow metal door can help to regulate your commercial space's indoor air temperature to keep it more comfortable.

  • Versatility: Since a metal door is durable, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Safety: Metal doors are structurally stable to protect your property from hazards such as fires and break-ins.

Door Hardware Available

Finish your door order with hardware from all major lines. Our selection of architectural hardware includes:


  • Hinges and pivots: These hardware pieces mount the door to the wall and allow it to move.

  • Locks: To provide privacy and safety in your commercial area, you can install your door with locks.

  • Door closers: These components help the door to close after someone opened it manually.

  • Security hardware: We offer protective plates and other parts that could keep your door safe from potential damage.


You can order a custom door to have our vendors adapt your door to the hardware you have in mind.

Quality Interior Doors From DoorStop

When you invest in our durable, aesthetically pleasing doors, you can take advantage of our quick lead times. Most standard companies can order and deliver a product in eight to 12 weeks, but our lead time is two to three weeks. We also have rush order capabilities if you need your doors as soon as possible. As a family-owned company, we treat each customer individually and cater to your specific needs. We offer custom doors with unique sizes and patterns to create the exact product you need in your commercial space.

Contact Us for Interior Doors

Our team at DoorStop will provide you with the right door for your commercial space. When you're ready to place an order, you can reach out to us online or call us at 888-205-9472.

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