Interior Doors and Hardware at DoorStop

Our Interior Door Types

At DoorStop, we sell a wide range of popular door styles for commercial projects. Find the right door types for your needs below

Choose from a broad selection of veneers in popular and exotic woods. You can combine one of our door cores with a wood veneer to get the exact results ou want.

Laminate resists dirt and damage to accommodate high traffic. Our vendors work with high-quality laminate patterns that resemble natural materials and provide a polished appearance.

Durable and attractive stile and rail doors will add a classic touch to your commercial space. They come in numerous designs that you can select with the help of one of our sales representatives.

Hollow metal doors and frames feature excellent durability and sound-blocking properties. They also provide a high level of security because of their sturdy construction that resists break-ins.

Door Hardware Available

Finish your door order with  hardware from all major lines. Our selection of architectural hardware includes:

  • Hinges

  • Bolts

  • Locks

  • Door closers

  • Security hardware

Request a custom door order to have our vendors adapt your door to the hardware you have in mind.

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