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Commercial Stile and Rail Wood Doors

Stile and rail architectural wood doors feature panels surrounded by stiles (vertical pieces) and rails (horizontal pieces). Panels of varying sizes and designs can fit in between stiles and rails to create a classic look. These wooden doors suit interior and exterior spaces because of their appearance and durability. Learn more about our stile and rail doors and why customers choose us as their door distributor.

Stile and rail doors for commercial buildings - DoorStop

What Is a Stile and Rail Door?

Stile and rail doors are made of multiple pieces of wood:

  • Stile: The stile refers to the vertical elements of a traditional door. They make up the door's outer edge and hold up the door panels. A lock stile consists of the lock or hatch on the opposite side of the hinges.

  • Rail: Horizontal elements join with the vertical stile components to provide strength. These rail pieces hold the panels in place. Some rails feature hardware for opening and closing doors with more control and safety

  • Panel: Doors include a flat or raised profile within the frame. Wood naturally expands and contracts throughout the year and this panel allows room for pieces to shift. Each part usually comprises a square or rectangle shape and can include decorative finishes. 

  • Frame: A system of an internal lining and external frame lets you place a door slab in a wall opening. Hinges allow for hanging the door with functional opening and closing. Many materials and wood species create a customized look.

How Are Stile and Rail Doors Made?

Each high-quality stile and rail door consists of a dozen or more parts. Perfectly cut stile, rail, panel and frame systems allow precise alignment during construction. With the right parts, you can adjust the shape, size and amount of panels to reach your desired look.

The components attach with structural reinforcements in the shape of cylindrical rods, known as dowel pins. Applying glue to the dowels offers a long-lasting lock of the pieces when they join together. The alignment provides a seamless, appealing look without requiring wood filler to hide screws.

Stile and rail doors offer the best quality wood doors have to offer. The construction consists of solid wood, providing soundproofing qualities and strong energy efficiency with long-lasting use. Each door includes intermediate rails built between the top and bottom pieces for extra support, creating a composition with superior strength.

Benefits of Interior Doors With Rails and Stiles

Our customers choose stile and rail doors for their business when they need:

  • Sturdiness: A stile and rail door consists of solid wood panels, making it a durable choice. 

  • Elegance: The paneled look of a stile and rail door will add a luxurious touch to your commercial space.

  • Versatility: Stile and rail doors feature a wide range of design options to match your space.

Investing in a stile and rail door will allow you to beautify a room with a durable door choice.

Businesses That Use Commercial Stile and Rail Doors

Any business that wants a classic or historic look for their space can choose stile and rail doors. The types of companies that use this door style include:

Other types of businesses, like medical facilities and offices, can also use stile and rail doors for a touch of elegance.

Design Options for Stile and Rail Wood Doors

We provide ready-made and custom stile and rail door options to suit each company's needs. you can read our stile and rail door brochure to see the full range of options available for your door design. Each of our doors can include a combination of the following elements.

Primary Design

A stile and rail door's primary design involves the shapes and sizes of the stiles, rails and inner panels. Each design has a different overall look that can include round or square shapes. If you request a custom order, our vendor will send a drawing for your to approve before starting production. 

Panel and Sticking Profiles

The parts of a stile and rail door can have two types of profiles to add depth to the door's shape:

  • Panel profile: Shaped edges that change the look of a stile and rail panel

  • Sticking profile: Machined edge on stiles and rails that join to the door panels

These profiles can give your door a dynamic appearance

Louvers, Glass and Hardware

You can add louvers, glass or hardware to many of our stile and rail doors. Louvers let in air and light through horizontal slats that come in multiple styles. A glass stile and rail door has some or all of its panels replaced with glass. Hardware like closers and card readers can help you keep your building efficient.

Learn More About Our Stile and Rail Interior Doors for Businesses

At DoorStop, we sell a variety of door styles for businesses in Manhattan, NYC and nearby. We take pride in our custom capabilities and fast turnaround time of two to three weeks. Ask us about our Door-N-24 Fast Track Program if you need a door even faster. For more information about our products or to start an order,  contact us online today or call (888) 366-7624.

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