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Commercial Interior Door Hardware

We at Doorstop are the trusted company for providing local businesses, contractors and architects with quality commercial interior doors. With more than 80 years of commercial door distribution experience throughout New York, our team is ready to help make your next project a success.

No door design is complete without necessary hardware like locks, hinges and knobs. Quality, high-performance commercial door locks, frames and hardware ensure your commercial doors remain secure, accessible and functional. At DoorStop, we stock a wide selection of dependable, attractive commercial door hardware. We understand the best solutions for optimizing the performance of your interior doors and can recommend exceptional products to suit your building or industry requirements.

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Available Interior Door Hardware

The experienced and qualified door distribution experts at DoorStop can help you find the right kind of commercial door locks and hardware. We offer the largest variety of commercial doorknobs, locks and other parts for companies and building professionals throughout the Tri-State area. With a combination of streamlined engineering and detailed craftsmanship, our collection of commercial hardware is the peak of safety, security, access and convenience. Our team can provide guidance and recommend custom solutions to complete your commercial interior door design.

Hinges and Pivots

When hanging a commercial interior door, manufacturers use either hinges or pivots — hinges being the most common solution. Five- or three-knuckle hinges are typically used in heavy traffic commercial door applications. Pivots are a more suitable mounting solution if the commercial door is heavy, or if the client prefers the overall aesthetic of a pivot versus hinges.


No door design is complete without a secure and effective lock system. At DoorStop, we supply a variety of different commercial locks to suit a range of different purposes from basic, simple mechanical locks to high-tech electrified mechanisms. The most popular forms of commercial lock products we offer include:


  • Tubular

  • Cylindrical

  • Mortise

  • Interconnected

  • Deadbolt

Door Closers

Door closers are responsible for helping the door come to a complete close after it has been opened manually. There are several criteria to consider when choosing a door closer, including durability, safety, tamper-proof capabilities, rate of closing, resistance to opening forces like high winds and overall aesthetic.

DoorStop supplies surface mounted closers, floor closers, concealed closers, high-security closers and electric models. Each door closer product offers a range of different features and benefits. Our team is happy to work with you to find a solution that best meets your specific facility needs.

Door Protection

Interior commercial door products are a significant value for your company — they offer accessibility, safety and security, privacy and functionality. You want to protect your investment and maintain its quality throughout its lifespan. At DoorStop, we offer several forms of door protection to safeguard the door against excessive wear and tear. Our door protection inventory includes protective plates, edge guards, gasketing and thresholds, push plates and pulls and more.

DoorStop: Your Tri-State Area Hardware Provider

When you need comprehensive, dependable commercial door locks, knobs and hardware throughout Manhattan and the greater Tri-State region, look no further than our team at DoorStop. We strive to offer our clients top-quality products and productive guidance to improve the safety, security and quality of commercial interior door products.

Check out our extensive selection of commercial interior door hardware today. Learn more about our services by completing our online contact form or calling (888) 366-7624.

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